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Growth Groups

Growth Groups are our small group units that meet on Sunday mornings and at other times during the week for instruction, connection, encouragement, and discipleship. These groups serve as a compliment to our corporate worship on Sundays.

Sunday Growth Groups:

Meet Sunday mornings at 9:30

Young Married Couples Class (Kent Boucher) - Gym Area 3
Men’s Ministry Class (Ken Farrar) - Gym Area 4
Adult Fellowship Class (Alan Boucher) - Gym Area 1
Connect Class (Rufus Dahn) - Gym Area 2
Getting Acquainted with Walnut Park Class - (Pastor Wood) Gym Area 5
College Class (Monte Ryan) Church Kitchen
Berean Seniors Sunday School (Ted Neff) - Auditorium
Ladies Joy Class - (Janet Hunt) Lobby Classroom


Weekday Growth Groups:

Our Ladies Bible Study Growth Groups meet on Thursday mornings and Thursday evenings throughout the school year.

Our Men’s Bible Study Growth Group meets on Saturday mornings for breakfast and Bible study at a local restaurant.

Our Wednesday Evening Adult Fellowship meets from 7:00 - 8:00 for Bible study and prayer.


Serving Groups

Serving groups are teams of people that serve the church and community using their gifts, talents, and passions. We would love for everyone to be a part of a serving group. We have a number of groups available to join including things like, greeting, ushering, photography, multi-media, landscaping, and many others.

For more information regarding how to connect with one of our Growth Groups or Serving Groups please stop by the Connect Desk in the church lobby.