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Threads Ministry


 Sunday School- 9:30 AM- Kitchen

Sunday evening Bible Study 6:30 PM - LEADER’S HOME

Wednesday night Bible Study- 6:30 PM- Pastor's Basement

Gym nights - 6:30 - MiDNIGHT - once a month

Threads is a ministry for single adults and college aged students. Whether you’re in college, or have already started your career, we’d love to have you as a part of our Threads community.

Threads meets 3 times a week. Our Wednesday night Bible study take’s place in pastor’s basement. Our Sunday school class is in the church kitchen, right off the gym. Our Sunday evening Bible study is at a threads leader’s home. Come expecting a fun time of fellowship to connect with other young adults, as well as in depth Bible study and prayer. Besides Bible Studies, Threads also regularly hosts gym nights with pizza and games. We would love to have you join us for a Bible study or event!  

For more information about meeting locations and gym night dates, visit our Facebook page. Please message us with any questions.

More about Threads:

We're piecing life together, patching the holes, mending the torn places and ironing things out. We're threads Every aspect of who we are hinges on one thing: relationships. Truth is, we’re wired for relationships. We want to belong to a community where even when things like faith get messy we know we’re not alone. We want to use our time to make a difference in this world. While there’s a lot we haven’t figured out, we know this much is true: we need God and we need each other. We’re Threads.

Threads tie, bind, and weave things together. We as individuals are woven and bound together in our relationships with each other and with Christ. Threads emphasizes the desire for connection that young adults seek out — and often struggle to obtain.The Threads imprint subtly conveys the message that our faith and our growing relationship with Christ should be woven throughout each area and experience of our lives.