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Sunday Services


Church can be an intimidating place to visit — especially if you don’t know what to expect. Being unsure of what the dress, culture or even when to stand up and sit down can be a weirdly paralyzing thought! Well, rest assured, our desire is to set you at ease from the moment you enter our building. You won't be put on the spot. 

At Walnut Park, you can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging and relevant music and worship, compelling preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You will be encouraged and maybe even challenged. We invite you to experience what the gospel means both intellectually and relationally at one of our Sunday worship services.  We hope that through visiting with us, you will experience the hope, love and joy that comes from a community of people who love Jesus.

Sunday school: 9:30-10:15am
morning worship: 10:30-11:45am
evening worship: 6:30-7:30pm


Teaching from Scripture

We believe that practical, relevant teaching is the catalyst for transformation in an individual's life. Scripture is inspired by God, completely accurate and our authority regarding Christian beliefs and the guide for Christian living.

We value Scripture—the Bible—as the basis for understanding who God is and how to orient our lives fully around Him. You can expect that each Sunday morning will include a set-aside time for hearing from Scripture, as well as practical teaching surrounding God's Word. 

Authentic Worship

We look for God’s love in our lives as the evidence that we have been truly worshipping Him. At Walnut Park, worship is central to everything. Worship means learning to recognize God’s goodness while delighting to deepen in our responses.

It means purposing together, as individuals and as a community, to unite our actions, intentions, and emotions in loving response to God. It means transforming the ways we think so that what we do and who we are become one—in, for, through, and to the Father, Son, and Spirit.



Sunday school is a great way to connect on a more personal level. Small Sunday school classes allow for personal interaction and a chance to get to know other church members better. Dig deeper into scripture. Our church offers many different options for Sunday school classes.


Nursery Sunday School
1st - 2nd Grade - Fellowship Hall Area 1
3rd - 6th Grade - Fellowship Hall Area 3
7th - 12th Grade - (Pastor Daniel) Youth room
College Class (Monte Ryan) Church Kitchen
Young Married Couples Class (Kent Boucher) - Gym Area 3
Men’s Ministry Class (Ken Farrar) - Gym Area 4
Adult Fellowship Class (Alan Boucher) - Gym Area 1
Connect Class (Rufus Dahn) - Gym Area 2
Getting Acquainted with Walnut Park Class - (Pastor Wood) Gym Area 5
Berean Seniors Sunday School (Ted Neff) - Auditorium
Ladies Joy Class - (Janet Hunt) Lobby Classroom